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Bailey Family Ministry

We are a family ministry dedicated to walking out the Father’s purpose in our lives. Having embarked long ago on this quest, our mission is not complete until every beacon we have been sent forth to light has been kindled. Therefore, we travel far and wide to minister in his name in passion and in truth through the art of our music, and words of our heart. Being a family of ten, we’ve found harmony to be a foundational essence in our music, as well as our life together. It is our sincere hope that we can reach you to inspire in your heart that which the Lord has placed there and draw you to a closer walk with him.


Brayden and Tali Waller

We are Brayden and Tali Waller with Love and Purity ministry.  After serving in Israel for several years I was blessed to find my lovely wife and music partner Tali.  After being married we continued to serve the farmers of Israel for 10 years.  Over the past few years we have taken a new direction to serve here in the US with a focus on encouraging God’s people to prepare themselves for the coming of Yeshua as a bride for her bridegroom.   One of our great passions is to treasure, memorize and meditate on the word of God through song. We are blessed with 6 children Yael, Keturah, Zephaniah, Yemima, Edi and Gilad.


Robby Cummings

Robby is a singer/song writer and musician with an anointing and call to prophetic worship that will bring you right into the presence of the Father. This is the place… “That secret place” where healing, restoration to the Father, peace and joy flow. Robby sings to the Father with an overwhelming sense of adoration. For those in the church, with ears to hear, he ignites a passion for the secret place of the most high God. To those who have grown cold in heart his voice rings with a holy haunt of the Spirit, crying out “come back home”. Robby and his band minister the heart of the Father to His people through song, instrumental spontaneity and spoken word. Robby also has been the main worship leader at many Native American gatherings in various cities and tribal communities all over the US and Canada. He is Cherokee on his mother’s side and Lumbee on his fathers. Robby is known for carrying the sound of the redeemed warrior Bride of Yeshua with much passion and zeal for His soon return.

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Quiver Life Sounds

Quiver Life Sounds is a family band from the heart of DeLappsville, a place where songs and scripture ring out in an effort to lift up our Heavenly Father and His son Yahshua. They desire to take you on a melodious adventure that hopefully brings you joy, laughter and growth to the hearts of you and your family, no matter the age. With their “home-grown” folksy child-like praise and worship Gabriel, Sady, their children along with Papo Neil are delighted to bring a piece of their home, faith and hope to the heart of family praise!


The Nesbitts

Messianic Mountain Soul. Not exactly the musical genre ascribed to most family bands from the hills of East Tennessee. Yet it is the perfect description for the unique expression of music performed by The Nesbitts. A smattering of rock ‘n’ roll, a dash of country, a heaping helping of sweet bluegrass, and a heart’s cry for Israel, wrapped up in vocal harmonies that can only emerge from a tight family unit creates a sound unlike…well, pretty much unlike anything else in the contemporary Christian music realm.

“Our heritage ranges back to the ancient clans of Scotland and Ireland,” muses Scott Nesbitt, the father and founder of the band. “When our forebears settled in this region, they brought their music with them, and each generation incorporated the emerging styles of the day, then passed the music on to the next generation. Today, all the flavors from our history are represented—Americana, country, rock, pop, Gospel, Scottish-Irish, bluegrass.”

A self-taught musician, Scott cut his musical teeth on everyone from Hank Williams Sr. to Ricky Skaggs. “Bluegrass and country were my life growing up,” he recalls. “I play guitar, banjo, fiddle. Music was always part of my life. Lisa and I have been writing songs together for as long as we have been together. In the early days, we played everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd, but what we were singing about didn’t seem to have a purpose, and I wanted a purpose. God radically changed my tune when I was 27 years old. I started reading the Bible—really reading the Bible—for the first time, and it blew me away. I saw God’s love for the Jewish people, and it sparked a love in me for Israel. That added another dimension to our music, something we now call Messianic Mountain Soul.”

Whether leading worship in their home church, preaching revival services at churches across the country, or hosting their online Bible study, Daybreak Live! each morning on Facebook, The Nesbitts’ overriding desire is to glorify Jesus Christ, uplift people in their brokenness, and encourage them to embrace the Sweet Surrender that leads to peace with God.


Troy Mitchell

Worship leader Troy Mitchell brings a fresh and authentic voice to Messianic Judaism. Mitchell’s original songs draw from the Gospels, the Hebrew of the Tanach, the Midrash, synagogue prayers, and first-century liturgy—even utilizing the Greek of the Apostolic Scriptures—to bring a fusion of Chassidic joy, gospel hope, jazz, and soulish prayer focused on the light of Messiah. His ability to almost become one with the music comes from his 20 some years of leading and/or playing with worship bands. Mitchell has been challenged by blindness most of his life and has used music as a way to connect with Hashem and other people. His love for the Psalms, liturgy, the words of Yeshua and his involvement in the synagogue has given the movement unique melodies and niguns, but even more than that, it has instilled in him a passion to see everyone have the chance to draw closer to Hashem through music and prayer.


The C2 Incident

The C2 Incident is a Family Music Ministry based out of Kansas City, MO consisting of David and his three children, Jordan, Miles and Luke. Having an appreciation in a variety of genres they are a melting pot of styles for children and adults with influences including classical with an electric edge, folk, country, and pop. Their catchy application of rhythms, melodic themes, and storytelling is applied to a variety of presentation styles.


Mason Clover

Mason Clover is a Messianic Worship Leader / Artist from Nashville, TN. Blending contemporary sounds with lyrics rooted in Hebraic meanings sets Mason Clover apart from all other Messianic, Hebrew Roots, and Christian worship leaders and artists. With the debut of “An Intimate Look” in 2008 Mason Clover released an album unlike anything else in the Messianic music scene. International Radio airplay on Christian Radio stations. Mason Clover has been called many times the Next Generation of Messianic Music. In 2011 Mason released “The Isaiah 43 Project” and “Unity” was released in 2012. Mason also helps produce up and coming artists.


Exodus Road Band

It is amazing what happens when you put a bunch of random musicians of varying styles and personalities together. One knows classical, another bluegrass, yet another knows a little jazz or blues. The result is something unexpected, something unpredictable. Proverbs tells us that “Many are the plans in a persons heart, but it is Adonai’s purpose that prevails”. This verse certainly describes the development of the Exodus Road Band., and this culmination of styles and musicians has brought about a new voice and sound for the Messianic awakening that is sweeping the world.

Beginning with the release of their first album “Heart of the Matter”, the Exodus Road Band has been working non stop to bring a fresh spirit of worship to people around the world. The response that they have received has been nothing short of miraculous, with CDs being ordered and downloads being played and sung all over the globe.

Their second album, entitled “The Tree”, tells the story of the people of Israel, from their dispersion to the current gathering of the exiles. With stirring Celtic sounds, toe-tapping bluegrass rhythms, and beautiful worship melodies and lyrics, this album truly captures the diversity of sound that the Father has wholly orchestrated for his glory.

The Exodus Road Band sincerely hopes that through their music, you, the listener, can draw closer in your walk with the Father.


Eved Adonai

From an honest and simple heart of worship through music, the families of Casa de Israel Yarah congregation in Central Florida began what could only be called an unimaginable dream of worshiping in stages apart from our congregation.

Music has been a crucial part of our lives, the core of our congregation’s growth and expression of adoration to our Heavenly Father. This recording is a way to share what Casa de Israel Yarah and Eved Adonai experience in every Shabbat service. It is our most deeply desire to become part of the worship community in all aspect of adoration, through music, teaching and living the word of Adonai, to help and minister to all communities of faith. We are presenting for your consideration our first volume, “Eved Adonai Volume 1”; it includes the themes that have become our most influenced songs from the beginning of our journey in the Torah, and Ruach of Hashem.

With influence of leaders like Rico Cortes, Monte Judah, David Pavlik, Mike Velez, our community, and many others around the world, Eved Adonai gives a shot to a dream that our Father and creator implanted in us, which is growing little by little. With your help, support, and enthusiasm we hope to continue bringing the heart of the Father to a song, hoping that you will make it your all-time favorite.

With this first volume, we are also presenting to you our efforts in acquiring a property with 2.5 acres of land, currently housing Casa de Israel Yarah in Davenport, FL. All the proceeds generated by this production are going towards this dream and goal.

Thanks for your support in prayers and promotion of our first Volume.
Shalom from everyone at Eved Adonai and Casa de Israel Yarah


Praises For Yahweh

Praises For Yahweh is a band that has been writing songs and leading worship since 2007. They have written over 30 original songs between them and have released 4 albums and 2 children’s CDs. PFY has been privileged to play for: many Messianic, Sacred Name and Hebraic congregations as well as minister Yahweh’s Name and Torah with music to various Christian churches. Recently, PFY has had the honor of co-hosting an annual educational conference called Winter Musician’s Fest, designed to take musicians beyond their comfort zones and esteem the Father with their music. Their main focus as musicians is to lead the people of Yahweh into the deeper heart of worship.

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Zachary Bruno

With a style somewhere between George Winston, Jim Brickman, and David Lanz, Zachary captures the beauty of life with music that touches the soul. Zachary Bruno is an 22 year old Canadian solo pianist and composer.
In late 2013, Zachary released his debut solo piano album, Before the Rain.

November of 2014 marked the release of Zachary’s second album, Dawn Light. And in 2016, it was awarded 2015 Album of the Year of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Currently, Zachary is working on his third studio album tentatively scheduled to release mid 2018.


Steve Rees

Steve and Shirley Rees share their talents in a unique combination of Biblical storytelling and harp music under the ministry name of The Peregrinnatti.

Steve has also been working with the Hebrew text of the Psalms discovering ways to unlock musical patterns and arrange them into compositions on the harp now available on CDs. Some of the latest discoveries have linked the various musical frequencies found in the scriptures with the various pieces of Moses’s Tabernacle furniture and how each station – piece of furniture and frequency – is part of facilitating our approach into the presence of YHVH in worship. “Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.”

Steve and Shirley travel extensively both in the US and internationally sharing their ministry of harp and story.


Hannah Dotta

Hannah Dotta is a singer songwriter, living in Northern California, who grew up in the faith, surrounded by music and worship. She is passionate about honest art: being real and authentic through music and writing. So she sings about her life experiences and the hope she finds on the other side of difficulty. “I process life through songs,” she says, “because life is a process.” She is excited to participate in Proclaim and see passion for music grow. To listen to some of Hannah’s music visit her on SoundCloud and also check her out on YouTube and Facebook!


Hannah Jay

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania by two wonderful parents with hearts to sing praises to Yahweh. Growing up listening to my Mother’s beautiful harmonies to my Dad’s “homegrown music” made it very easy to develop an ear for singing and a desire to sing about the reason for the joy within me. In 2019, I released my debut album “Awakening” with producer/multi-instrumentalist, Steven Carr. We are looking forward to a weekend of worship and fellowship and hope to see you there!


Shawna Rae

Shawna Rae is a singer/songwriter from western Iowa. Growing up on a farm, she learned to embrace the freedom and joy of the outdoors. Her early musical life was focused exclusively on classical violin, but in 2015 she started songwriting and discovered a whole new world!  Released on July 2019, Shawna Rae’s debut EP “Of Dreams and Dust” contrasts our struggle with reality as we know it and the truth of “What is too good to be real, but is more real than the air we breathe” (- Rich Mullins). Combined with folksy imagery drawn from nature and Biblical metaphors, it’s an imaginative, soulful journey through song.  When not writing or playing music, Shawna loves traveling, being with friends, and inspiring others through music lessons at her studio.   YouTube Channel


Dan Grieve

Focusing on our Messiah Yeshua, Dan creates a unique praise and worship environment by drawing from a large pallet of Messianic and Christian songs, Hymns, traditional Jewish songs and prayers and passages from the Word. His degree in Music Performance is put to good use in creating fresh arrangements and orchestrations.

He leads worship for his local fellowship in SW Missouri and has served as Worship Leader for several Sukkot festivals, other Feasts, special events and gatherings. His professional background is Sound Design and Sound Engineering for musical theater.

His wife Agniya is a dance leader and choreographer. Her focus is to enrich the praise dance by bringing significant meaning to the movements. She enjoys teaching all levels of dance, especially sharing with beginners. Together, they offer a rich worship experience of music and dance and are ready to travel and share with other fellowships.

Invite us to share worship, dance and a special message with your fellowship!


Wayne Coffman

Wayne Coffman comes from a long line of Nazarene ministers. His father taught him to sing and play the piano as a child. As a youth, his family began a traveling ministry providing music, VBS, and revival services to churches around the country. As an adult, Wayne taught himself how to play guitar and drums and started writing songs. He began leading worship in his father’s church at the age of 18 and would continue for decades, leading worship in other churches. He has also played in some Christian rock bands.

Over the years, Wayne’s songs have reflected the struggles of life lived on Earth, while longing for the coming of the King. His heart aches for the appearing of the King and to be found faithful on His return!

In 2020 Wayne released his first EP, “Kingdom Come”, which contains five original and adapted songs incorporating worship, contrast between true and false religion, and anticipation of the day we meet the King face to face! His style ranges from worship to alternative pop/rock.

Website   Facebook Page   YouTube Channel


Rod Woodruff – Oye Israel

Rod Woodruff is a praise & worship recording artist from Oklahoma City. Rod has been leading worship since 2000. With the encouragement of Messianic recording artist Jonathan Settel, Rod began recording his own music in 2003. Since then, Rod has released 4 CDs: “End of the Exile”, “The Harvest”, “Why Do the Nations Rage and Words.” Words was just released.

His music is unique, worshipful and focused on leading people closer to the Messiah. For more information about Rod’s music, visit the Oye Israel Facebook page or visit
“Oye Israel” is Spanish for “Hear O Israel.”


Wrestling Angels

Wrestling Angels is an Indie Rock band from Northern Minnesota.
Started in 2013 as a collaborative songwriting platform to explore the challenges and ask the questions life presents.
Wrestling Angels is what happens when a group of passionate and comical songwriters get into the same room and make a lot of noise. Not to provide the answers, but to ask the questions.
Drawing inspiration from nature, the Bible and growing up on planet Earth, the band sings about all aspects of life, highs and lows, struggling with change and questions of the future.
They sing, they dance, they laugh and cry, they‘ll move you, Bob.

Find their music on Apple Music and Spotify!

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.


International Messianic musicians, Mishkanim (also known as Aline & Howie), have been travelling sharing praise and worship music in Israel and across the nations including Ireland, Wales, Germany, Korea, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and many other countries. They write and record music blending styles from around the world which encourages congregational dance, additionally they engage congregations in times of extended deep worship and intercessory prayer. Their reports of what the father is doing across the globe bring a spirit-filled, vital edge to gatherings, conferences, home groups, and coffee houses in the Hebrew Roots community and churches alike. Their 6 CD recordings are fresh and prophetic for the seasons and times which the body of Messiah, and the world are facing.

The British/American, husband and wife duo perform songs in English, Hebrew, and Spanish. They have been married and praising together for 13 years, each having been worship leaders and professional musicians/singers prior to their marriage.

If you are a musician and would like to share your music at Proclaim, please apply via our Opening Artist Application.

An opening artist is allotted 10 minutes before one of the main bands/artists.