Brad Scott – Wildbranch Ministry

Brad Scott of The Wildbranch Ministry is coming to Proclaim 2019 Brad is one of the most respected Hebrew scholars in this country and has been teaching the hebraic roots of the Christian faith for over 35 years. He is an internationally known speaker and teacher. Brad is a professional musician and holds a doctorate in Hebraic Studies. Seven times we are told in the book of Isaiah that the end is revealed in the beginning. Brad reveals this truth in some of the most unique ways you will ever experience. Brad has been featured on the History Channel, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, BibleInteract, God’s Learning Channel and the Hebraic Roots Network. Brad’s unique teaching style and sense of humor promises to keep you excited about your Bible and your walk in the Messiah. So please come join us.


Praises For Yahweh

Praises For Yahweh is a band that has been writing songs and leading worship since 2007. They have written over 30 original songs between them and have released 4 albums and 2 children’s CDs. PFY has been privileged to play for: many Messianic, Sacred Name and Hebraic congregations as well as minister Yahweh’s Name and Torah with music to various Christian churches. Recently, PFY has had the honor of co-hosting an annual educational conference called Winter Musician’s Fest, designed to take musicians beyond their comfort zones and esteem the Father with their music. Their main focus as musicians is to lead the people of Yahweh into the deeper heart of worship.

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Sady DeLapp – Quiver Life Sounds

Hey Ya’ll, my name is Sady Keziyah DeLapp, I am a singer song writer from West Central Iowa. Growing up in my preteen years I watched my older brother sing and develop as an artist. I didn’t long for music ministry like he did, yet I would sing with him and help him develop his skills. Well, in the summer when I was 14, my heart changed and I began to seek Yahweh in many ways to do what He desired of me. I remember one time at summer camp I had been prayed over and anointed, in that time I knew He had called me into a ministry of music. My heart became alive for Messiah. I spent time with my mom, praying for courage and boldness to walk out His calling in my life! Through the years since then, I have had the blessing of writing many songs about life’s adventure. I am blessed to be a wife, mother and daughter of the Most High. I pray you are blessed and encouraged by the songs of praise that Yahweh has put within my heart to share with you. Shalom!


Hannah Jay

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania by two wonderful parents with hearts to sing praises to Yahweh. Growing up listening to my Mother’s beautiful harmonies to my Dad’s “homegrown music” made it very easy to develop an ear for singing and a desire to sing about the reason for the joy within me. Currently I am working on recording my debut album with producer/multi-instrumentalist, Steven Carr, who will also be joining me on stage at Proclaim Music Festival. Our album will hopefully be released by next summer. We are looking forward to a weekend of worship and discussion and hope to see you there!


Shawna Rae

Born and raised in western Iowa, Shawna Rae is a passionate worship leader and singer/songwriter. She views music as one of life’s greatest joys and enjoys sharing it with people regularly! Shawna leads worship for her home fellowship and thrives as an inspiring music teacher and songwriter.

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Dan Grieve

Dan creates a unique praise and worship environment focusing on our Messiah Yeshua by drawing from a large pallet of Messianic and Christian songs, Hymns, traditional Jewish songs, original inspired material and passages from the Word. His degree in Music Performance is put to good use in creating fresh arrangements and orchestrations.

He leads worship for his local fellowship in SW Missouri and has served as Worship Leader for the Sukkot festivals: Season of our Joy and Feast of the Nations. His professional background is Sound Design and Sound Engineering for musical theater.

He and his wife Agniya have formed Shema Ministries for the purpose of bringing music and dance to other fellowships. Invite us to share worship, dance and a message with your fellowship.


The Bailey Family

Music has always been a part of home life in the Bailey household. Their father, Robert, introduced all eight siblings (Julius, Benjamin, Robert, Renee’, Israel, Christian, Terran, Daniel) to instruments and singing at an early age. While they all enjoyed playing the piano when young, their music took a more serious turn after leaving their home in Florida and moving to the backwoods of Oklahoma. Evening entertainment often involved singing, playing instruments, and learning to harmonize together. They began singing gospel songs under the direction and tutelage of their father. As they grew, they began to take a more serious approach to using their instruments and voices as their skill levels increased. Each of them have enjoyed experimenting with different sounds and genres as they write and produce music that praises Yahweh. It has been a blessing and an honor to share our music ministry as the Father leads and directs. It is our heart’s desire to follow the path Yah has for us, and to be a blessing to his people. The Bailey Family currently reside in the mountains of southeast Oklahoma near the small town of Wilburton where they enjoy the beauty of the Father’s creation on a daily basis.


Rod Woodruff – Oye Israel

Rod Woodruff is a praise & worship recording artist from Oklahoma City. Rod has been leading worship since 2000. With the encouragement of Messianic recording artist Jonathan Settel, Rod began recording his own music in 2003. Since then, Rod has released 4 CDs: “End of the Exile”, “The Harvest”, “Why Do the Nations Rage and Words.” Words was just released.

His music is unique, worshipful and focused on leading people closer to the Messiah. For more information about Rod’s music, visit the Oye Israel Facebook page or visit
“Oye Israel” is Spanish for “Hear O Israel.”