Mason Clover

Mason Clover is a Messianic Worship Leader / Artist from Nashville, TN. Blending contemporary sounds with lyrics rooted in Hebraic meanings sets Mason Clover apart from all other Messianic, Hebrew Roots, and Christian worship leaders and artists. With the debut of “An Intimate Look” in 2008 Mason Clover released an album unlike anything else in the Messianic music scene. International Radio airplay on Christian Radio stations. Mason Clover has been called many times the Next Generation of Messianic Music. In 2011 Mason released “The Isaiah 43 Project” and “Unity” was released in 2012. Mason also helps produce up and coming artists.


Jimmie Black

To this day, Jimmie remembers his dad, waking the kids on Sunday mornings with praise and worship to God. And, it is this same call to awaken the Church today to praise and Worship that leads Jimmie Black in Ministry. At age 10, Jimmie began singing for his church in Miami. In 1995, after some personal struggles, Jimmie began singing for his Lord Jesus Christ. Married with four children, Jimmie and his wife Gwen are raising their daughter Amanda, and their three sons, Jordan, Christopher, and Gabriel in Florrisant, MO.

Jimmie’s tenor voice and dynamic range is featured with the Holy of Holies Ministries and with Nick Christian Coetzee of Rain Music. On other albums, Jimmie has provided professional backup for songwriter/producer Lenny LeBlanc and for Christian recording artists Kelly Willard, Paul Wilbur, Michael Hohman, LaMar Boschman (The Rebirth Of Music), and well-known tenor, Charles Billingsly.

Across the USA, Jimmie has ministered to many messianic congregations including those under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Wolf, Rabbi Steve Wilder, Rabbi Jeff Adler, Rabbi Eric Tokajer, and Rabbi Charles Kluge, Adonai has shown his spirit in the worship experiences at our many events. Jimmie has also ministered to Christian churches such as Pastor Steven Strader’s Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida; Pastor Phil Derstine’s Christian Retreat in Braedenton, Florida,Beit B’resheet St.Louis, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Pastor Walter Harvey’s Parkland Assembly of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Exodus Road Band

It is amazing what happens when you put a bunch of random musicians of varying styles and personalities together. One knows classical, another bluegrass, yet another knows a little jazz or blues. The result is something unexpected, something unpredictable. Proverbs tells us that “Many are the plans in a persons heart, but it is Adonai’s purpose that prevails”. This verse certainly describes the development of the Exodus Road Band., and this culmination of styles and musicians has brought about a new voice and sound for the Messianic awakening that is sweeping the world.

Beginning with the release of their first album “Heart of the Matter”, the Exodus Road Band has been working non stop to bring a fresh spirit of worship to people around the world. The response that they have received has been nothing short of miraculous, with CDs being ordered and downloads being played and sung all over the globe.

Their second album, entitled “The Tree”, tells the story of the people of Israel, from their dispersion to the current gathering of the exiles. With stirring Celtic sounds, toe-tapping bluegrass rhythms, and beautiful worship melodies and lyrics, this album truly captures the diversity of sound that the Father has wholly orchestrated for his glory.

The Exodus Road Band sincerely hopes that through their music, you, the listener, can draw closer in your walk with the Father.


Praises For Yahweh

Praises For Yahweh is a band that has been writing songs and leading worship since 2007. They have written over 30 original songs between them and have released 4 albums and 2 children’s CDs. PFY has been privileged to play for: many Messianic, Sacred Name and Hebraic congregations as well as minister Yahweh’s Name and Torah with music to various Christian churches. Recently, PFY has had the honor of co-hosting an annual educational conference called Winter Musician’s Fest, designed to take musicians beyond their comfort zones and esteem the Father with their music. Their main focus as musicians is to lead the people of Yahweh into the deeper heart of worship.

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Wrestling Angels

Wrestling Angels is an Indie Rock band from Northern Minnesota.
Started in 2013 as a collaborative songwriting platform to explore the challenges and ask the questions life presents.
Wrestling Angels is what happens when a group of passionate and comical songwriters get into the same room and make a lot of noise. Not to provide the answers, but to ask the questions.
Drawing inspiration from nature, the Bible and growing up on planet Earth, the band sings about all aspects of life, highs and lows, struggling with change and questions of the future.
They sing, they dance, they laugh and cry, they‘ll move you, Bob.

Find their music on Soundcloud and YouTube! You can also follow them on Facebook.


Sady Delapp

Hey Ya’ll, my name is Sady Keziyah DeLapp, I am a singer song writer from West Central Iowa. Growing up in my preteen years I watched my older brother sing and develop as an artist. I didn’t long for music ministry like he did, yet I would sing with him and help him develop his skills. Well, in the summer when I was 14, my heart changed and I began to seek Yahweh in many ways to do what He desired of me. I remember one time at summer camp I had been prayed over and anointed, in that time I knew He had called me into a ministry of music. My heart became alive for Messiah. I spent time with my mom, praying for courage and boldness to walk out His calling in my life! Through the years since then, I have had the blessing of writing many songs about life’s adventure. I am blessed to be a wife, mother and daughter of the Most High. I pray you are blessed and encouraged by the songs of praise that Yahweh has put within my heart to share with you. Shalom!


Zachary Bruno

With a style somewhere between George Winston, Jim Brickman, and David Lanz, Zachary captures the beauty of life with music that touches the soul. Zachary Bruno is an 22 year old Canadian solo pianist and composer.
In late 2013, Zachary released his debut solo piano album, Before the Rain.

November of 2014 marked the release of Zachary’s second album, Dawn Light. And in 2016, it was awarded 2015 Album of the Year of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Currently, Zachary is working on his third studio album tentatively scheduled to release mid 2018.


Steve Rees

Steve and Shirley Rees share their talents in a unique combination of Biblical storytelling and harp music under the ministry name of The Peregrinnatti. Steve has also been working with the Hebrew text of the Psalms discovering ways to unlock musical patterns and arrange them into compositions on the harp now available on CDs. Some of the latest discoveries have linked the various musical frequencies found in the scriptures with the various pieces of Moses’s Tabernacle furniture and how each station – piece of furniture and frequency – is part of facilitating our approach into the presence of YHVH in worship. “Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.”
Steve and Shirley travel extensively both in the US and internationally sharing their ministry of harp and story. Their websites are: – and which have been seen by people in over 100 countries around the world.


Hannah Dotta

Hannah Dotta is a singer songwriter, living in Northern California, who grew up in the faith, surrounded by music and worship. She is passionate about honest art: being real and authentic through music and writing. So she sings about her life experiences and the hope she finds on the other side of difficulty. “I process life through songs,” she says, “because life is a process.” She is excited to participate in Proclaim and see passion for music grow. To listen to some of Hannah’s music visit her on SoundCloud and also check her out on YouTube and Facebook!


Shawna Rae

Born and raised in western Iowa, Shawna Rae is passionate about leading worship, writing songs, and singing of the Father’s love. Her classical background in strings prepared her to play with a variety of Hebraic groups and she was eventually led to share her own songs. She currently teaches music and is recording her first EP, scheduled to release in the spring of 2018.

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Dan Grieve

Dan creates a unique praise and worship environment focusing on our Messiah Yeshua by drawing from a large pallet of Messianic and Christian songs, Hymns, traditional Jewish songs, original inspired material and passages from the Word. His degree in Music Performance is put to good use in creating fresh arrangements and orchestrations.

He leads worship for Congregation Echad in Seymour, MO and served as Worship Leader for the Sukkot festivals: Season of our Joy and Feast of the Nations. His professional background is Sound Design and Sound Engineering for musical theater.

He and his wife Agniya have formed Shema Ministries for the purpose of bringing music and dance to other fellowships. Invite us to share worship, dance and a message with your fellowship.


Rico Cortes (Speaker)

Rico Cortes will challenge you to keep the Commandments that Yeshua/Jesus kept. He specializes in uncovering spiritual truths hidden within the Holy Temple and the services that took place there. His knowledge of the Tabernacle, Holy Temple, priests and procedures combine to bring an incredible prophetic message to us today regarding how we are to reverently approach and be true servants of our Creator YHVH!
Rico was born in Puerto Rico and raised in California. He had a successful career as a professional baseball player prior to becoming a baseball scout for the Chicago White Sox. In 1998, Rico’s life took a turn that led him right to the Savior, Yeshua (Jesus). Rico discovered he is a descendant of the Sephardic Jews of Spain and part of what was called the Bnai Anusim.
He returned to the Covenant of the Forefathers the Torah and his hunger to study the Word of God became unquenchable. His studies quickly uncovered the truth that the Law had not been done away with, as he had been taught all his life. In fact, he found that the Torah the 1st five books of the Bible (from Genesis to Deuteronomy) is actually YHVHs instructions and teachings on how to live, and rather than putting us into bondage, keeping Torah actually frees us from legalism and the dogmas of man.
This discovery was the launching pad of Wisdom in Torah Ministries. Rico’s vision is to see all who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob return to the Torah and to be a set apart people who serve our Creator as He has instructed. He travels around the globe sharing the hidden truths that he has uncovered, encouraging believers in the Messiah to keep the Commandments that Yeshua (Jesus) kept. His program, Wisdom in Torah, can be seen in both English and Spanish.