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Explore all the signup areas below and add all your items to your cart shown at the bottom.  Once you have everything desired in your cart, press the Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom of this page.  If you need to cancel your reservation, please let us know.  You can view our refund policy here.

Event Pass (Required)

Choose the appropriate Event Pass. You will receive a wristband for each person in your party upon arrival to wear during the event.

Lodging (Required)

Choose your lodging accommodations. Enter the appropriate quantity for the number of nights you will be staying onsite. If you want more than one spot, then multiply the number of spots by the number of nights to get your total. Select the no-cost Offsite option if you are staying offsite.

Service (Required)

Why is Service Required?

Help build community by selecting areas of service to bless others during the event. You must select at least one area of service to checkout. If you are able, please select multiple spots and include selections for all family members. Thank you!

Merchandise (Optional)

Visit the Proclaim marketplace during the event to purchase merchandise.

Vendor (Optional)

If you would like to be a marketplace vendor, there is a fee for each 6 foot of table space.


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